Tuesday, 4 July 2017

All about Sunless Spray Tanning

If you're wondering how you can get an effective suntan without lying under the sun, a spray tan is the answer. It allows you to achieve a spotless tan all over the body right from the comfort of your home. Tanning under the Sun is tiresome and unhealthy as the Sun rays are sources of ultra-violet radiations that cause many skin problems. So, many people are opting for spray tanning to get a darker skin tone. This is the best solution for getting a bronze tone without bothering about your skin. The spraying solution is generally the DHA which makes your skin healthier softer.

Some of the facts about spray tanning: 
Body spray tanning solutions are great ways to get darker skin without sitting under the Sun. Before you choose a spray tan technique, there are some considerations to keep in mind.
• The solutions are usually healthier for your skin though they include spraying of many chemicals just on the body surface.
• These solutions have moisturizers to moisturize and soften your skin and hold the soft texture longer.
• The organic spray kits available in the market smell good. They give relief from a harsh smell of the chemicals apart from providing a bronze skin tone.

Advantages of Spray Techniques:
There are many benefits of spraying methods. The advantages are-

• It gives you a beautiful and shinny darker skin in few minutes.
• Option to choose the desired color of tanning.
• Is possible to apply on the body regardless of the season.
• Come with added benefits like moisturizers that make your skin healthier and softer.
• Anti-ageing advantages.
• Temporary in nature.
• Reduces red spots, blemishes, freckles and other problems of the skin.
• High-quality treatments and thus you avail best results.
• Come with a long-term guarantee.
• It is applicable at any place and time.
• The main benefit of this tanning treatment is lack of lines. You can easily wear a stylish top or dress in any occasion without any tension.

Spray Tanning at Home:
More and more consumers today are discovering the joy and convenience of a spray tanning at home instead of at a salon. There is complete privacy and comfort when a tanning is conducted at home if there is space to accommodate the required facilities. Spray tanning can be fun especially when it is performed at home. Although many consumers may want to save some cost in hiring a professional beautician with a self-service attempt, it is highly advisable to hire a qualified and reliable beauty professional who is experienced with home spraying sessions.

Home tanning can be very enjoyable for with the required facilities and expertise. The required space need not be very large to accommodate the individual and certain facilities and equipment. The more affluent may reserve a special room to perform their tanning sessions at one part of their huge mansion while others may choose their guest room. The perfect tan is possible with the preferred spray color depending on the availability of colors offered by the spray professional. However, a special request can be made for a particular spray color that is available in the market.

Home spray tanning sessions can be attended by professional mobile beauticians who are skilled and experienced with this service. A spray tanning session can take a couple of hours for a good outcome that would last at least a week with the individual in the limelight at any event or time. There is no need to take an expensive holiday at the Mediterranean for basking in the sun just to get the desired tan. A home spray tanning offers individuals the opportunity to get the best tan without being in the sun which may not be healthy for the skin if exposed too long.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Get The Beautiful Bronze Color With Spray Tanning; Make Yourself Ready For The Procedure!

Do you want to look simply mesmerizing on a special event like wedding, prom night, New Year Eve, Christmas party or just a romantic date with your dream love? Do you want to have the same appealing tan that your favorite celeb has? Do you want to walk down the aisle by making everyone breathless from your breathtaking look? Of course, the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’. With professional spray tanning, you can easily accomplish that attractive look.

Instead of continuously getting bothered about the damaging effects of the brutal sun, you can enjoy SprayTanning At Home that is a completely sunless tanning system. The best part of this sunless tanning system is that you can choose the tan as light or as dark as you want. You can get the wonderful spray tanning both at the privacy of your home and at the comfort of your favorite beauty booth. Both the options are fantastic when performed perfectly; so the choice is yours. 

Prepare Yourself To Tan:
  • If you have never opt for spray tanning earlier in your life but want to give it a try this time, you had better go with it one or two days prior to your special event or try once or twice before the big day like wedding hits your life. In this way, you can find the optimal outcome for your skin color and look the great on your actual day.
  • Once you know the actual date of the special event that you need to attend, book your spray tanning appointment first since an early booking can save you from not getting the appointments on time.
  • Exfoliate your entire body a day before the spray tan. It will remove the dead skin cells as well as help extend the tan color. Put more focus on the driest areas of your body like elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Don't use oil-based exfoliate as an oily products may leave a residue on your skin that may block the tan application.
  • For getting the fantastic tan that can last long, you should also shave or wax your body at least one day prior to have spray tanning procedure performed. Waxing or shaving will open your clogged pores for several hours that could lead to an uneven looking tan.

Once you are all done with the part of preparing yourself to get the spray tanning, book your appointment at a reputable beauty booth like “Beauty Heaven” or call the specialist at your home to perfume the procedure! Either way is exceptionally incredible to get the beautiful bronze color!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Spray Tanning – The Best Option For Getting The Golden Toned Skin!

Fair skinned women often dream to have a copper toned skin color and for accomplishing this look, they expose themselves to the sun. However, sun exposure is not a safe option as this option has seen the risk of harmful UVA rays. Not to worry, there is still a hope in the form of sunless tanning.

For sunless tanning, you can choose to use tanning gels, sun bed, lotions, mousses or the most popular method, spray tanning. Spray tanning is a relatively advanced and proven method of sunless tanning. This method is something between tanning beds and self-tanning cosmetics. Under this procedure, you are sprayed by a special spray tanning solution like Sienna-X in a spray-tanning booth. This process is not so lengthy; within a few minutes the process will be over and you will get the sun tan you desire to have.

If you are wishing to get a deep tan safely, modern spray tans are the best and the easiest option for you. This option is much safer than sun exposure or sun beds. Furthermore, it's a great choice for both men and women of all ages as it offers several other benefits to the users.

Features Of Spray Tanning –

  • Spray tans are fast, easy, safe and convenient option.
  •  If you live in a place with harsh winters or if you live in a location where it's rainy and cloudy a lot, spray tanning is really a great choice for you.
  • With this method, you no longer need to go outside for sun bathing or to fight the chill.
  • Moreover, you can also steer clear of those harmful rays that cause wrinkles, per-mature aging, sun burns and even severe ailments like skin cancer.
  • You can get a golden tan any time of the day irrespective of the weather or climate outside.
  • It is hard to find time to get into the sun when on a vacation but with spray tans you can quickly fit a golden looking tan into your schedule.
  • With spray tans, you will have no more patchy areas to ruin your look.

Why Not To Expose Your Skin To The Sun For Tanning?

  • When you expose your skin to the sun, often you'll find uneven results due to the different angles the sun rays hit your body.
  • After sunbathing, you may have some side of your body darker than the other side and some may not have tanning at all!
  • Harmful UVA rays are the dangerous to the skin.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Get Your Skin Tanned at Your Home by the Sienna-X Therapists

If you would go through the pages of history, you will find that white women used to avoid direct sunlight and wear long-sleeved clothing. They were carrying parasols around to protect themselves from sunlight. You might not believe this but tanned skin was considered unattractive and low-class: the paler the skin, the better. Well, the time has changed now and the pale look is out. Today, there are tons of women of all complexions who are turning to tanning to get the “bronze” glow.

What made this pendulum swing? Why white women started tanning their skin? Well. it is no surprise that we all want to look different. We like getting appreciated by others for our physical appearance. Tan skin differentiates you from others and makes you stand out in the crowd. It makes you look hotter. But, how are you going to get your skin tanned? Obviously, you are not going to expose your skin to Sun which will do more bad than good, but you can definitely try ‘spray tanning’.
Did you just ask what spray tanning is? You must be living under a rock if you don’t know about spray tanning. It is probably the most important beauty treatment to have a natural-looking tan skin. Irrespective of the weather and clothing, this spraying makes you look fantastic. You would be proud of how your skin looks after this treatment.  

There are many leading mobile spray tanning therapists in Brentwood who are in this industry for many years and have served many clients. They have tanned hundreds of ladies for various events. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, prom, night out, or something else, they can provide you a perfect look for every occasion. The therapists only use Sienna-X which is considered one of the best Spray Tanning solutions among all.

Sienna-X provides you a healthy, natural looking, and even tan. The Spray Tan can easily last for a week and will make you look stunning. There are so many celebrities who use this remarkable solution. If you wish to get your skin tanned, contact the Sienna-X therapists.  You do not need to go anywhere. The spray tanning therapists would be providing you their services at your home only.

All you got to do is book a spray tan at your place by contacting these expert professionals. They will not be taking your whole day. The tanning process would tale only 15-20 minutes. Also, the treatment is 100% Safe & odorless. You can even avail heavy discounts for multiple party bookings. The deal is not over yet. Book for 5 ladies and get your tan for free. Isn’t this amazing?

So, what are you waiting for? Book your spray tan now!